Let’s Hear it For …..

It has to be said that Americans are a people who do seem to love whooping and hollering at the slightest opportunity. I first became aware of this back in 1980 when I had the pleasure of flying Freddie Laker’s SkyTrain from London to New York at the start of a two week vacation here. ¬†As the aircraft’s wheels touched down there was an outburst of spontaneous applause throughout the cabin I was seated in, something I’d never experienced before….. I wasn’t sure whether I was in the company of the local Fear-of-Flying society and they were just glad to get back on terra firma or just a highly exuberant group of people.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that folk this side of the pond just love to cheer….

Despite having done rather a lot of public speaking in my past, I am actually quite introverted – so this wasn’t naturally something that I joined in with, and being British just exacerbated this…. Those around me in my adopted country however had no such inhibitions…. People cheer everywhere

When a movie ends

After the National Anthem has been sung at a ball game

Even in church !

Yes – they certainly are a nation of cheer-ers, and you know that’s really great ….

One thing I love about the American people is their enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude – so I guess exhibiting feelings like this comes very natural to them… We Brits on the other hand are rather more reserved and would never dream of applauding after “God Save The Queen” has been sung – perish the thought !

There is one aspect of this exuberance though that I’m not so keen on – and that is the propensity for the saddest people you can imagine to parade their woes on television in front of a baying mob in the bleachers….. Hosts like Oprah Winfrey seem to do this with quite a bit of dignity accorded to their guests, but at the other end of the spectrum – anything goes for those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the Jerry Springer Show !

You couldn’t PAY me enough in gold bullion to want to subject myself to that kind of experience…

Half a mo’ – the phone is ringing and I think I see Oprah’s number on my caller-Id….

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