Favourite Links (General)

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and would like to share with you some of my favourite web sites. In some cases the web site itself may not be that great – but it’s subject is something I do care about rather a lot !

This page is broken down into sections – but there will be a completely separate page for musical links, as this is the driving passion of my life…..

This page is very much work-in-progress and so sections will be added over time …

Radio and TV


I am really not much of a Televison watcher at all, but I always make sure I Tivo Boston Legal – which is one of the only weekly shows I do really like…


 Joel Osteen is a wonderful speaker and his powerful uplifting messages that are so full of hope and promise are such a welcome change from the hell, fire and brimstone from more traditional TV Evangelists, whose main goal seemed to be to make you feel miserable about yourselves !


 I’ve always been more of a radio than a TV person (though if you saw the Surround Sound home-cinema I have you might wonder !) – and so the BBC’s stations have always been my natural home… Radio 4 is their speech network that has all kinds of news, plays and documentaries on it, and I’m so pleased to be able to listen to it via the internet… There are times when American media outlets can seem so self-absorbed that it can be very difficult getting meaningful news about countries beyond it’s borders. This is something that the BBC has always done very well.


 KNPR is my favourite radio station here in the States. I am mightily impressed by it’s programming and output, and listen to it regularly whilst working. The quality and depth of it’s news coverage leaves other media outlets in the dust – they seem much more obsessed with celebrity tittle-tattle than covering serious news. Their “State of Nevada” especially is a must-listen program for those with a serious interest in local issues.


 As the Valley’s main classic rock music Station – 97.1 The Point is my favourite radio staion to listen to if I want music rather than the KNPR’s spoken word output.


Vegas Things …


 This is my favourite place here to get breakfast ! Mary does some really excellent types of hash, and the servers are friendly and welcoming…


 Red Rock Canyon is one of my favourite places to go hiking… It’s great that there is such an amazingly beautiful place so close to the heart of the city. I try to get there as often as I can, and it always refreshes and enlivens my spirit …


 First Friday is a wonderful monthly event that sees streets in the city’s Arts District closed to traffic, and stages where local bands play set up in the middle of the road. There are stalls where artists and other craftsmen offer their wares, and it’s a really great atmosphere and occasion


 The Crown and Anchor pub is my home-away-from-home here in the Mojave Desert… They serve a number of very fine English ales, and some great British Cuisine (yes – that isn’t an oxymoron !)… The staff are friendly and it’s a place I can catch up with my fellow Brits and discuss the latest football news from home. (Although a big fan of American Football, I’ve never been able to figure out whay a game in which only two players out of a team of some 30 fleetlingly touch the ball with their feet is called “football” !). When England International sports matches are played, I swear that every Englishman on vacation here ends up in the pub ! A great place to be as long as you don’t mind the crowds…..


 Andy and Steve, two fellow Englishmen who live here in the Valley have formed a group here that sets up events for all of us Brits who live in the area. I was staggered to find out that there are some 30,000 of us – and the first event they put on last year was a roaring success…


 Of all the hotels on the Strip here – the Bellagio is my favourite… Its a great place to walk around and just take in the view. From time to time I’ve taken advantage of (relatively) inexpensive room rates, and have spent the evening with my chair drawn up to the window facing the lake and listening to the music played on one of the hotel TV channels… With a bottle of wine and some nice nibbles its a great way to pass the time….




 Unity in Green Valley (UGV) is my church, and it’s members have become a sort of surrogate family for me more than 5,000 miles from my home… I wear a multitude of hats within the church – board member, website developer, Gifting Chairperson and church band leader – it has become an integral part of my life here…. The people are wonderful and this is where I come for my spiritual nourishment.


 As was mentioned in the TV and Radio section, Joel Osteen is my favourite TV Evangelist – and Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas is his home. The church building now is the old Compaq Center – the previous home of the city’s professional basketball team the Houston Rockets – and seats around 15,000 people. There are three services on a Sunday – so his has become the largest church in the nation.




 One of the best things about living here in the South-West of this great country is the great outdoors… In a prominent magazine recently, Las Vegas was listed as the best city for being close to some of the country’s stunning National Parks and landscapes… We are within a few hours of Zion, Bryce Canyon and Death Valley – not to mention the local spots of Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston and Lake Mead National Park. To get to the Grand Canyon from here is but a four hour door-to-door journey by car – we are spoiled for choice ! My favourite haunt is Zion National Park in Southern Utah.. It is a beautiful and spectacular place, with some great hikes – and Springdale is a really nice town to stay in.