Drive Thru What ???

If the number of drive-thru’s here in Vegas are anything to go by – you could be forgiven for believing that people are very reluctant to be parted from the seats of their automobiles. There is drive-thru everything ! Apparently I am living in the drive-thru capital of the world …..

Come with me on a hypothetical journey in my car….

As I leave my house I first swing by my local Starbucks, where I am handed very strong cup of coffee, followed within half a mile by breakfast at Jack In The Box (which incidentally had the first ever drive-thru back in 1951). Shortly after this I become a little more liquid by exchanging some goods at my neighbourhood drive-thru pawnbroker. I can then use the proceeds to place a bet on the ponies at my local drive-thru betting office.

I then realise that funds are running a little short so I proceed to the nearest branch of my bank and join the queue for the drive-thru ATM, where I make a withdrawal. Collecting the cash from the machine I find that I have accidentally withdrawn too much, so I drive around the block to the bank’s drive-thru teller window, where by bellowing into an intercom of sorts I am able to engage the teller in a process that will lead to the funds being re-credited to my account.

My next port of call is the local pharmacy, where I drive up to the window – hand my prescription over – and then wait until it is filled and handed to me, perish the thought that I should actually leave the comfort of my vehicle to actually enter the premises. From here I make my way to the offices of the local power company, where I am able to drive up to a window and pay my electric bill.

I have now been driving for a while, and decide that some more coffee is called for – so I make my way to a famous local outlet, Sexpresso, where a scantily clad barista with frilly garters on leaves little to the imagination as she hands me my latte. I then drop off my suit at the nearby drive-thru dry cleaners before finally arriving at my destination.

If I was so inclined, had a licence and a willing partner (and bigamy was legal !) I could actually get MARRIED whilst remaining within the confines of my car !

We may have more TYPES of drive-thru than just about anywhere else – but we have to cede the title of the most bizarre to others. The great States of California and Florida are blessed with notable examples. An Evangelical church in Tustin, CA converted a former photo booth into a drive-thru prayer booth, but Pensacola, FLA takes the crown by having had the first funeral home to offer drive-thru funeral viewing ! I really miss Fred and wanted to pay my respects, but hey – it’s too much trouble to get out of the car !

Of course we Brits are really just jealous as we simply don’t have the space to have drive-thru anything…. A number of years ago they did make a song and dance about opening a single drive-thru ATM near my offices at London’s Heathrow Airport – and as the sole example in the area, it did become something of a curio…..

Can you spare a few bucks for petrol ?

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