About Chris


Hello – I am Chris, a Brit who has been living in Las Vegas, Nevada for three years now. I come from London, England – the finest city in the world but for the weather !

Because of family connections it would have been more natural for me to end up in Los Angeles, but in planning to move here I couldn’t afford property there. I had been here to Vegas on vacations, and I had been here on business on a number of occasions – and a good friend from LA had already moved out here and blazed the trail, so I knew it reasonably well….

I took a chance on moving here, and have never looked back. I love living here in the Mojave Desert, and find life in Las Vegas to be great (and I’m not a gambler) …. The only thing I miss from not living in California is the ocean, but the desert and incredible landscape in this part of America more than makes up for that.

Politically I am left of center – as many Europeans are – but not way left…. I’m essentially a moderate with left leanings who finds the two party system here singularly unrepresentative of a diverse nation of some 300 million people (even if I could vote !).

I have many hobbies and interests and find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do…. My main interests are music (playing, listening to and going to gigs/concerts), travel, hiking, scuba diving and reading….

I hope you enjoy reading my musings on life here in Sin City…..